In-Store, Online, & Call Center Audits

The Roots of Competitive Data

The international market research firm, Comparative Prices International Corp (CPI), began its humble roots in Ontario, Canada in 1973 when Roger Luc Ouimet realized that retailers needed an affordable and unbiased source for store-level competitive pricing data. He partnered with large retailers to help them turn the art of pricing into a science. Roger and Colleen Ouimet continued to grow the company over the next ~40 years across Canada and the U.S. until its acquisition in 2012 by Engage3.


To this day, Engage3 continues to expand its footprint with a mobile force of shoppers covering nearly all major metro areas in both countries with an openness to enter new markets with client commitments. Though Engage3’s auditor base is rapidly growing, each auditor continues to be held to the highest standards. Auditors are required to have multiple years of retail experience and are screened rigorously through proprietary processes to measure their performance levels and reliability. Auditors are never informed which client they are working on behalf as client confidentiality is of the utmost importance to Engage3.

In-Store Audits

shoppingEngage3 has comprehensive auditor coverage across the U.S. and Canada. Auditors specialize in product sets and use state-of-the-art mobile technology for execution. Quality control algorithms are built into the app to correct mistake while auditors are in the store. The app is designed to handle tougher products and optimizes the flow for the auditors within the store, providing pictures and clean product descriptions for reference.


Engage3 conducts in-store directed checks, category scans, full book scans and can capture most available data elements including:

  • regular price
  • sale/promotional price
  • loyalty price
  • UPC
  • health attributes (organic, gluten-free, etc)
  • ingredients

Online Audits

Engage3 began collecting data from online sources in 2010 as the retail landscape experienced a rapid shift in consumer behavior. In today’s omnichannel retail world, many prices can be collected from online sources instead of in-store. Engage3 has the capacity to collect online data from any source, at any frequency.

blue thingNew technologies and data-driven processes are emerging to help traditional retailers adjust in this new world of price transparency, hyper-competitiveness, and shifting consumer behaviors. We can help you collect data much cheaper and more efficient than a directed in-store check.

Our proprietary algorithms can link products across retailers in the absence of a UPC or other unique identifier. Engage3’s data capture process is scalable, efficient, and guarantees completeness.

Call Center Audits

call centerEngage3’s call center focuses on collecting the difficult-to-capture data such as data from pharmacies (behind the counter products), auto parts stores, and pet grooming services. The call center allows for complete coverage in all areas of retail, further validating Engage3’s database to be the largest and most comprehensive in the industry. If you are interested in our call center data or would like to know more, please contact us at