The key to winning is staying ahead of your competition...

The Complexity of Retail Pricing

In this session you’ll hear how retailers are managing the complexity of pricing in today’s marketplace and see examples of how more dynamic approaches can drive profitable sales.

A lot of recent progress has been made in applying the power of advanced analytics to pricing strategy; e.g. from improving the speed and accuracy of competitive price checks to reverse engineering the competition’s pricing strategy. These are ushering in new pricing rules and in this presentation you’ll see how new tools are helping retailers apply these rules to create competitive advantage.

Years of Combined Experience & Domain Expertise

The content of the session is based on new work by Ken Ouimet, CEO & Founder of Engage3 and creator of supermarket price optimization, and the application experience of Edris Bemanian, COO & General Manager of Engage3 and who’s applied these tools with a cross section of leading retailers.

Long-time, industry advisor Bill Bishop, Chief Architect and Co-Founder of Brick Meets Click, will moderate the session. Bill brings 20+ years of experience helping retailers strengthen their price reputations.

Gain Insights Into the Coming War

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