Vantage™ Offer Optimization

Vantage: The Future of Personalization

According to IDC Retail Insights, by 2020 retailer and consumer use of product intelligence clouds will influence $3.7 trillion of retail spending in the US alone, representing 18% of the GDP. IDC has recognized Engage3 as an early mover in participatory commerce.


Engage3’s Vantage Offer Optimization platform leverages the combination of digital assistants, consumer intent, it’s market intelligence cloud, and real-time auctioning system to deliver personalized 1:1 messaging and offers directly to consumers.

Participatory Commerce: The Next Big Thing in Retail Marketing

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admin-ajaxEngage3 Vantage Offer Optimization applies data analytics to create a breakthrough in how retailers  and manufacturers price and promote by uncovering consumers’ intent-to-buy. The application of advanced analytics to big data will transform retail pricing and offers (coupons) in much the same way that algorithmic trading revolutionized Wall Street to create a dynamic marketplace.

Vantage Offer Optimization is an advanced data analytics platform that will integrate with retailers’ loyalty, pricing and POS systems. Vantage will deliver  a new way for retailers to personalize offers and a new way for manufacturers to optimize their trade fund investment.



By helping retailers improve the quality and effectiveness of their strategic pricing practices, Engage3 is also becoming the technology engine to drive both every day and promotional pricing.

Vantage represents an opportunity for retailers to improve profits, save consumers money every time they shop and reduce ineffective CPG trade fund spending by as much as $60 billion in the US alone.