Progressive Grocer: Engage3 Talks about getting pricing right in 2021

Progressive Grocer: Engage3 on Getting Pricing Right in 2021

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Thad Reuter of Progressive Grocer, in a recent article titled Getting Pricing Right in 2021, writes that price optimization will be undergoing significant changes in 2021 – and that retailers who don’t get on board will face problems sooner than later.

“Price optimization will need to shift to be able to deal with smaller trip sizes, households with less money to spend on each trip, shifts to private label, and smaller pack sizes,” Edris Bemanian, Engage3 CEO, predicts. “Historical price optimization models of increasing price to drive profit won’t work. Retailers will need to focus on the items that drive their Price Image to keep traffic up.”

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Engage3's Price Image Management

Engage3’s Price Image Management (video)

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Struggling to compete on price and failing to drive trips

Legacy price optimization solutions still use outdated elasticity models and rules to set prices, which don’t include shopper behavior and the impact of price on perceptions.

Using AI-based shopper behavior analysis, Engage3 developed Price Image Management, which accurately forecasts the volume impact of price changes and identifies which items will have the greatest impact on Price Image with the least investment.

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Practical Steps to Increasing Your Competitive Private Label Visibility Today

Practical Steps to Increasing Your Competitive Private Label Visibility Today

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Private Label (PL) is expected to outpace branded items by an incremental $216B by 2027. Most competitive intelligence programs don’t accurately match a retailer’s exclusive items, like PL, to their rest of market equivalents at scale. Read on to discover how to create a best practice competitive intelligence program that provides visibility to Private Label.

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Engage3’s competitive pricing data leverage in-store audits, web scrapes, user collections via our mobile app, and Nielsen POS data.

How to Combine Traditional KVIs With Price Image Drivers to Build the Optimal Pricing Strategy

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While it is important to be competitively priced on KVIs, the low margins and frequent price wars or competitive-price-comping make it incredibly difficult to differentiate on these items to improve a retailer’s price perception. By focusing price investments on identifiable Price Image Drivers, retailers can grow trips and increase loyalty while remaining competitive on KVIs.

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Allegiance Launches Engage3 Competitive Pricing Solution

Winsight Grocery News: Allegiance Retail Launches Competitive Pricing Solution

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Winsight Grocery covers the news about how Allegiance Retail Services Inc., the marketing and merchandising cooperative for New York-area supermarkets such as Foodtown, D’Agostino, Gristedes, Big Deal, La Bella, Brooklyn Harvest and Pathmark, has partnered with Engage3 to optimize its competitive price positioning.

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