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Our Mission

Engage3™ helps retailers and manufacturers understand, protect, and enhance their Price Image.

We Believe

At Engage3, we believe everyone in the retail value chain can win. The “3” in our name refers to the value we provide for each critical part of the retail universe: consumers, retailers, and manufacturers.

Using data science, advanced technology, and strategic Price Image Management, our diverse and talented team works to create a future where:

  • Consumers everywhere can buy the right products, at the right time, at the right price
  • Retailers achieve their sales and margin objectives while maintaining the trust of their consumers
  • Manufacturers thrive by providing powerful products & incentives tailored to the needs of their consumers

Our Founders

The company’s founders, Ken and Tim Ouimet, grew up in the industry working for their parents’ company, Comparative Prices International, where they collected in-store retail data for corporate clients.

In the late 1990’s, the Ouimet brothers founded Khimetrics, where they pioneered retail price optimization as a new software category –  revolutionizing retail pricing and delivering 1% of sales to profit for clients like Albertsons, Safeway, and Lowes.

Ken and Tim assessed the future of retail and saw a perfect storm forming through these emerging trends:

  • Price transparency
  • Smartphone adoption
  • Personalization, and
  • A hyper-competitive market that is being disrupted by new online models

They formed Engage3 to revolutionize retail pricing through data science and predictive modeling to help retailers understand and manage their Price Image and to ultimately enable Personalized Pricing.

Top Ranked

IDC Positions Engage3 as a Leader in the Marketscape Report on Retail Price Optimization 2019

“Engage3 flips the price optimization paradigm on its head — optimizing price image, not prices, to achieve desired outcomes. With deep pricing–focused artificial intelligence and machine learning assets, Engage3 is focused on using science to maximize business outcomes constrained by shopper perception of pricing through predictive modeling of price image.”

– IDC MarketScape: 2019 Retail Price Optimization Applications

Engage3 is powering innovative new solutions to strategic pricing problems by harnessing big data and advanced analytics.

Why Now?

The retail industry is going through a massive transformation that is being driven by higher expectations from consumers and a changing landscape for retailers and manufacturers.

Manufacturers are desperately in need of a more effective trade promotions model.
U.S. CPG manufacturers spend $200 B per year on trade promotions, and 74% of these promotions lose money (Nielsen).

Retailers are struggling to adapt to price transparency and empowered consumers.
Traditional High-Low and Everyday Low Pricing (EDLP) pricing models are becoming ineffective.

Consumers expect transparency and want to know that they are getting the best deal.
90% of consumers use coupons; 78% want coupons to be automatically applied (Inmar).

Our Journey