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Pricing Marketplace Ecosystem Partners

Engage3 has partnered with leading innovators across the Retail and
Brand technology landscape to increase the value of our ecosystem by
improving pricing and assortment decisions.
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Where 1 + 1 > 2

Companies that are already joint customers of Engage3 and our Ecosystem Partners will be able to leverage our integrations for better, faster, and more informed decision-making. ​

Case Study: Turbocharging Audio Ad Networks

“Our Brand customers can now leverage actionable pricing and assortment information when creating their audio campaigns. We’ve found that pricing is the most significant determinant of whether an ad will convert, so this is a big deal for our customers.”

- Matthew Elsley, CEO, QSIC

Influencing over 100 million shoppers at the point of purchase monthly

Through our integration, Qsic’s AI Audio platform now taps into Engage3’s pricing and assortment API to drive contextualized and actionable ads.

Where 1 + 1 > 2

Ecosystem Partners like SetSight will be able to access comprehensive and high-quality competitive pricing data to power their end-users’ decision-making.

Case Study: Brands Providing Better, Faster, and More Relevant Recommendations to their Retail Partners through SetSight’s Harmonized Platform

”Our Brand customers can now make more actionable, data-driven recommendations to their Retail partners with confidence as they work towards improving sales and inventory performance.”

- Chris Lohn, President, SetSight

A well-defined data and analytics strategy is required by SetSight to optimize operations. We leverage our WinRep framework to deliver a cross-platform data analytics strategy to ensure your organization possesses a strong data foundation to build into the future. Our process is built for swiftness and effortlessness. Our team will assist you in strategizing a solution to have a deeper insight for long-term growth.

SetSight will ingest your retailer data, creating an enterprise look. Before you see your automated Excel reports, the data goes through a rigorous QA process that ensures no missing data or duplication of data. Our number one goal is to make your teams’ lives more efficient and effective when mining data. SetSight will separate S&I from category information, and set up alerts on sales and inventory.

SetSight utilizes Tableau, PowerBI, and other custom tools to create interactive dashboards and reports. Use the strength of SetSight’s community dashboards and teams, or build your own dashboards. SetSight can easily transform data into charts and graphs to tell a story with your data. You can also enable real-time analytics by directly connecting to data sources that contain up-to-the-minute information.

Brands and Commerce Service Agencies can now access actionable pricing and product data across SetSight’s solutions and reports

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Apply to Become a Pricing Marketplace Ecosystem Partner​

  • Ask your Engage3 Customer Success representative for an introduction to one of our Pricing Marketplace Ecosystem Partner. ​
  • ​Customers of our Partners: ask your Partner to set you up with Engage3’s API integration ​
  • ​To become a Partner, please fill out this form:

Our Clients Say it Best

Engage3 has helped our average units per transaction go up. Unlike price indexing, we don’t have to be locked in as a follower. Price image lets us offer compelling value while at the same time maintaining our margins, and that’s helped advance our business in our customers’ eyes.

Retail ExecutiveHealth Food Chain

Price Image Management allows our category managers much more insight and control to set strategy, and review and accept suggested retail price changes for a measured outcome.

Chief Merchandising OfficerHealth Food Chain