Competitive Intelligence Platform

An Integrated Pricing Platform

Engage3’s Competitive Intelligence Platform (CIP) provides everything retailers need to develop their pricing strategy. It provides the industry’s most complete and accurate competitive price data, state-of-the-art product linking capabilities, and machine-learning-based analyses and visualization tools to support pricing decisions at scale.

Getting the Foundation Right

The most sophisticated analytical tools in the world won’t work if you have bad data. Engage3 provides localized, timely, and accurate competitive in-store and online pricing data that we collect ourselves through our own comp shops and call center operations. We also provide Engage3 MissionControl for retailers who want to automate their own comp shops.

Insights and Analysis

With the proliferation of private label brands, linking like-products based on attributes opens the door to a whole new world of competitive pricing analysis. Engage3 Lighthouse  leads the industry in its state-of-the-art product linking capability — so you can perform analysis and visualizations based on the best data available.

Customizable Pricing Strategies

There is no one-size-fits-all approach. Store-specific KVI’s, price zones, price image, competitors by market, and preset financial goals are all key factors that go into developing your pricing strategy. Engage3 CIP has built-in support for each, giving Pricing and Merchandising teams maximum flexibility.