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2020 Competitive Intelligence Management Product Roadmap


Achieve Comprehensive Competitive Visibility

February 4, 2020


Use your own phone to collect competitive pricing data

Pricing and assortments are becoming more dynamic and localized by the day. Without sufficient accurate competitive visibility, you can't make strategic decisions, much less predict financial results.

This webinar includes information about what's new in Engage3's:

- Missions and MissionScanner apps, which empower your associates to do quick competitive price shops, using their own smartphones, at any time;
- Product Linking Lighthouse, which serves as a collaboration platform, a productivity tool, and a system of record; and
- Advanced analytics, which informs decisions on basket comparisons, competitive zones, competitive KVI's, and competitive rules.

Our speakers will be going over the key features of the apps and how they fit into the larger Competitive Intelligence Management (CIM) platform.

An integrated pricing platform

Competitive Intelligence Management (CIM) provides comprehensive competitive pricing visibility, product linking, and reverse-engineering of competitors competitors' zoning strategies. It solves the problem that the first version of price optimization solutions missed - the foundation of accurate and timely competitive information to feed its optimization engine. In this webinar, our speakers will show you how CIM can help you outperform competitors on speed, accuracy, coverage, and frequency.

After this webinar, you will know how, In combination, the Missions and MissionScanner apps work with the CIM platform to achieve your ROI goals. Engage3’s visualizations and analytics help you understand your competitors’ KVI lists and zoning strategies, optimize your comp shop programs, and identify opportunities to go on the attack.

Join us on February 4, 2020 to learn about our product offerings and the roadmap for the year ahead with our expert speakers.

"I have used pen and paper for 15 years, spending hours writing prices down, keying it into spreadsheets and then maybe attaching a photo. Now, I click a few buttons on my phone, attach a photo and by the time I am back at my desk in the store, the information is on my laptop!" - Missions App User, Large Club Retailer

Josh Stern, CEO, Reality Based Group

Webinar Speakers and Panelists

February 4, 2020


Jonah. Ellin

VP of Product, Engage3

Jonah is responsible for aligning the product portfolio to the needs of the market and scaling the product development team to build the next generation of data-science-fueled pricing tools. Ellin has 23 years of experience in price optimization, product management, technology, consulting, and analytics.
Ellin joins Engage3 from Rubicon Global, where he was VP of Product Development, delivering SaaS products for SmartCities and fleet management. Prior to Rubicon, Jonah spent almost 7 years at dunnhumby, leading product development for Price and Promotion and Category Management Solutions and growing the team from 20 to 100+ members.
Before dunnhumby, Jonah was at Information Resources Inc. (IRI) for 10 years, working in every area of the business including: measurements science requirements, project management, six sigma and product management. His team at IRI launched a number of products including data platforms for 7-Eleven & Costco, and analytic products including price and promotion performance measurement and mix-marketing. Before IRI, Jonah worked in management and technology consulting with clients including AIG, RR Donnelley, Abbott Labs, Nationwide & Zurich Insurance.
Ellin received his Bachelors in Political Science degree from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Lyle Walker

VP of Strategic Enablement, Engage3

Lyle began his career working for Kroger in Pricing and Category Management, and most recently served as Vice President of Business Development with dunnhumby. He has also led pricing innovation initiatives with retailers in various roles with Tata Consulting, IRI and Retalix/NCR. Prior to his current position as VP of Strategic Enablement, Walker worked with Engage3 as VP of Strategic Accounts from 2014 to 2015. He has a focus and passion for leveraging technology and data to assist retailers in developing long-lasting, relevant relationships with their shoppers and a unique background with hands-on business experience in retail in the areas of pricing, price optimization, and product management/marketing and messaging.

Kevin Johnson

Sr. Product Manager, Missions Apps

Engage3's 2020 Product Roadmap

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