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Missions and MissionScanner

Mobile Apps

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Tools for Real-Time Data Collection

Pricing and assortments are becoming more dynamic and localized by the day. Without sufficient competitive visibility, you can’t make strategic decisions, much less predict financial results.

Engage3’s Missions and MissionScanner apps empower your associates to do quick competitive price shops, using their own smartphones. The mobile apps, easily downloadable via Google Play or Apple Store, eliminate awkward tools like bulky scanners or paper and pen when collecting supplemental competitive data at competitor stores. Using ubiquitous smartphones, your associates will be less conspicuous, and can send data back instantaneously for real-time intelligence. Both apps are Software-as-a-Service solutions powered by advanced algorithms and data analytics that help you outperform your competition on speed, accuracy, coverage, and frequency.

Discreet Price Collection

Part of the Competitive Intelligence Management Suite, Engage3’s Missions and MissionScanner mobile apps let you discreetly collect pricing and assortment data at your competitors’ stores by using your own smartphone.

Competitor Store Openings? New Private Labels to Match? New Seasonal Items at Competitor?

  • Did a new store just open up across the street?
  • Are there seasonal items that you need to collect pricing for on short notice?
  • Do you regularly send out your associates to check on the same 10 items at your competitors’ stores?
  • Do you need to link new private label items to your own assortment constantly?

With Missions, collecting pricing and assortment data is now as easy as having a smartphone in your pocket!

I have used pen and paper for 15 years ... I spent hours writing prices down, keying it into spreadsheets and then maybe attaching a photo. Now, I click a few buttons on my phone, attach a photo and by the time I am back at my desk in the store the information is on my laptop!

I think my pricing team used to spend 1-3 hours in every competitor store I sent them to. Now they’re in and out in under 30 minutes. I can either use them to hit more competitors or get back here and work in the store.