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Introducing the Next Generation of Price Optimization

Engage3 combines comprehensive competitive intelligence with AI models built using the Nobel Prize winning Efficient Frontier theory to optimize price and improve your Price Image

By strategically targeting price investments on the items that drive Price Image and funding those investments with price changes on background items you will grow both traffic and profit

Grow profit and price perception

A 5% improvement in a retailer’s Price Image increases traffic by 4.1%

A Modern Pricing Approach

First Generation Optimatization Solutions

  • Expensive and incomplete competitive pricing data feeds
  • Difficult to manage rules-engine
  • Drives short-term profit at the expense of long-term value 

Engage3 Price Image Management

  • The industry’s most complete competitive pricing data
  • Intuitive easy to use platform
  • Optimizes Price Image to drive trips and profit

The Benefits of Next Generation Price Optimization


Cost reduction in your comp shop budget from optimizing: collection method, frequency, locations and item lists


Percent increase in competitive visibility from an optimized comp shop program from Nielsen and Engage3


Percent increase in total store trips from improving shoppers’ Price Image across their entire basket


Increase in margin dollars from executing optimal pricing strategies while still protecting Price Image

Proprietary Comp Shop Optimization

Optimize your competitive intelligence program for the greatest visibility

Competitive Price Tracking

Ongoing measurement and tracking of your Price Image with hyper precision down to the item and store level

Reverse Engineer Your Competitors’ Strategies

Establish your pricing strategy and reverse engineer competitors price zones and KVI lists

Ongoing Price Optimization

Optimize prices to improve your Price Image and maximize both trips and profit

Competitive Intelligence Management (CIM)

Increase your visibility into competitive prices

Our proprietary Comp Shop Optimization algorithm leverages the most complete pricing dataset to give you full visibility into competitive pricing activity

Price Image Management (PIM)

Optimize prices to improve Price Image

Our intuitive easy to use system optimizes prices using cutting edge models to improve your Price Image, drive trips and increase gross profit