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Anisha Yerramilli: My Time at Engage3

By October 21, 2019February 1st, 2021No Comments

I am studying Computer Science at Santa Clara University, and although I love Computer Science, I have always been interested in Business. I was interested in companies that combined Computer Science and Business, and Engage3 does exactly that. When I heard about Engage3, I immediately became fascinated; it is an artificial intelligence pricing company. I began my internship in June as a Strategy Intern. This role gave me the opportunity to explore many different aspects of the company. I learned so much about the inner workings of a startup and I took on tasks that pushed me out of my comfort zone.  

My first task was to create SWOT analyses of our competitors, looking at their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Most business students know exactly what a SWOT analysis is, but as a Computer Science student, I had no idea. I discovered SWOT analyses are a great way to analyze one’s options, not just in the business realm, but in many aspects of life. I learned a lot about Engage3 and paid attention to large and small differences between Engage3 and its competitors. In life, we are always faced with decisions, and it is important to know how to analyze our options so that we make the best decision for ourselves. After performing many SWOT analyses, hopefully I can also improve my own decision-making techniques.  

I did more research, finding different vendors that could become possible partners. After researching each of these companies, I put them into lists for Engage3 executives. If the executives liked certain companies, I would schedule meetings with those vendors that I was also able to sit in on. I often sat in on meetings with John, Sr. Director of Infrastructure Engineering & Operations. He helped me understand how to evaluate different companies and what to look for in potential partners. 

I was extremely lucky to sit in on meetings with many influential people at Engage3. My boss Edris, the COO, wanted to give me exposure to different aspects of a startup. I got the opportunity to sit in on many types of meetings: a conversation with a journalist, the Engage3 data science team discussion, a Venture Capitalist planning meeting, and end of the day check-ins. Every job is so important, and it was great to see how different people and different teams worked together so seamlessly. I also got to communicate with the product managers, while doing some QA testing for the website. 

My Computer Science knowledge came in handy when screening resumes and grading technical tests for data science candidates. I looked at their resumes to make sure they had the right qualifications and looked at questionnaires we sent out, asking about their experience. It was important to look at both to try to get a feel for the person as a whole. After this initial screening, Emma, the Lead Recruiter, asked me to start grading the technical tests. I was honored to be trusted with such an important task; grading technical tests of people who are far more experienced than I. I am generally very detail oriented, so this was the right task for me. I spent a lot of time looking at their python code, their comments and any other attachments they may have sent. It was very important that I did not miss anything. I am usually on the other end of this process and it was fascinating to see how in depth the hiring process can be. 

Throughout my internship, I was pushed out of my comfort zone by speaking with different vendors and working with so many Engage3 employees. In the hiring process, I would often reach out to candidates to confirm their interest and answer any questions they might have. I am grateful to have had Edris as my boss; he gave me a well-rounded experience that allowed me to participate in many aspects of Engage3. I was lucky to work with hardworking and friendly individuals who motivated me every day.