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Winsight Grocery News: Allegiance Retail Launches Competitive Pricing Solution

By January 22, 2021January 27th, 2021No Comments
Allegiance Launches Engage3 Competitive Pricing Solution

Winsight Grocery Business covers the news about how Allegiance Retail Services Inc., the marketing and merchandising cooperative for New York-area supermarkets such as Foodtown, D’Agostino, Gristedes, Big Deal, La Bella, Brooklyn Harvest and Pathmark, has partnered with Engage3 to optimize its competitive price positioning.

Iselin, N.J.-based Allegiance Retail said Engage3’s Competitive Intelligence Management (CIM) software can increase its competitive pricing visibility by 60%, link private label items to equivalent items at competitors, and provide seamless data transfer to embed pricing insights across the organization.

“Engage3 will be giving us much more coverage for the same budget, and we can’t wait to work with their added product linking capability to give us increased private label pricing visibility,” said Frank LaPara, Pricing Manager for Allegiance.

Read the full Winsight Grocery Business article HERE. Watch a short video of how Engage3’s Competitive Intelligence Management can help you increase your pricing visibility at the same or less cost.