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Engage3 competitive intelligence management

Legacy competitive shop programs track only a handful of competitors, have limited items, and are rife with unmatched data. That’s because most data providers sell retailers “data by the pound.”

But more time spent on quality-controlling noisy data dumps means less time left for actioning real insights. Engage3’s competitive pricing data leverages in-store audits, web scrapes, user-collected data via our mobile app, and Nielsen POS data. So you can have the industry’s most complete view of your competitors’ pricing and assortment that leverage robust item linking and ML quality control.

Why overpay for incomplete pricing data?

Our Comp Shop Optimization programs find the right balance of pricing sources, optimize frequency and item shop lists, and cover your full competitive set, saving you money AND increasing your competitive visibility.

Engage3’s cloud-based platform tracks pricing activity, reverse-engineers your competitors’ price zones and KVIs, and automatically sends alerts to your inbox for key insights.

One Engage3 retailer was able to reduce their program cost by 40% and increase their usable data by 340%. Another retailer got more coverage for the same budget while adding product linking capability that increased their Private Label visibility.

Get analytic-ready insights you can trust at a price you can afford with Engage3.

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