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Engage3 Price Image

Price is the #1 driver of store traffic, but fewer than 5 items drive a consumer’s price perception. So how do retailers and brands know which ones?

Watch this video to find out how Engage3’s next generation price optimization, based on a behavioral model we call “Price Image,” can predict how consumers will perceive, remember, and act on your pricing vs. your competition’s.

Our approach is based on the Nobel Prize-winning Efficient Frontier theory to balance your shoppers’ perception of value with your desired profit objectives.

What’s more, only Engage3 has the next generation price management AND the most complete and affordable view of your competitors’ zoning, localized pricing, and assortment strategies.

We combine in-store shops, webcrawls, mobile user-collected data, Instacart pricing algorithms and Nielsen POS data.

Discover an integrated approach that starts with accurate pricing data and culminates with price optimization – based on shopper behavior – with Engage3.