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Engage3, which helps retailers and brands profitably grow revenue and drive store trips by tracking and optimizing their Price Image, today announced that 9 of the top 10 Convenience retailers are now leveraging its Price Image Management platform. The Engage3 Price Image Management platform combines real-time competitive price intelligence data with an industry leading price optimization engine to help Convenience retailers increase trips, accelerate revenue growth and maximize margin.

Real-Time Localized Competitive Pricing Insights

Historically Convenience retailers relied on a combination of delayed and spotty credit-card data, costly in-store audits conducted by their store personnel or aggregated syndicated data to track competitive prices. With Engage3, Convenience retailers are now able to get real-time competitive price data for both in-store merchandise and Fuel prices down to the store-level. Competitive data covers all key channels including: QSR, other Convenience retailers, Drug, Dollar and more. Data is delivered in real-time via advanced APIs that are SOC 2 Type 2 compliant to ensure the highest level of data protection.

Price Image Optimization Engine

Leveraging the industry’s most comprehensive competitive intelligence data combined with our proprietary Price Image models, built on the Nobel Prize winning Efficient Frontier Theory, Convenience retailers are now able to optimize both their Fuel and in-store prices via one system. The Engage3 platform identifies the role each item plays in driving your Price Image and optimizes prices to meet your business objectives. Convenience retailers leveraging the Engage3 Price Image Optimization Engine are increasing margins, driving more trips and accelerating revenue growth.

Trusted by Leading Convenience Retailers

The Engage3 Price Image Optimization platform is now trusted by 9 of the top 10 Convenience retailers, leading regional Convenience chains as well as independent Convenience retailers. The Engage3 platform has been proven with Convenience retailers of all shapes and sizes ranging from retailers like Casey’s General Store with over 2000 stores to independent owner/operators.