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2022 New Client Wins Build on Engage3’s 2021 Momentum

By June 19, 2022No Comments

2021 was a year of unprecedented growth. In 2021 Engage3 doubled our customer count, raised our Series D financing and launched into new global markets. Building on our 2021 momentum we are excited to announce that Engage3 is now helping 6 of the top 10 retailers in the world to track and optimize their Price Image.

We are thrilled that great regional, independent and specialty retailers have put their faith in our Price Image Management Suite to help them profitably grow revenue and drive trips. We are excited to continue our strong momentum and welcome among others: Giant Tiger, Roche Brothers, COOP, Jacksons, Associated Food Stores, Big Y, Bashas, MAPCO, Batteries Plus, Cosentino, Parkland, The Dufresne Group, Harps, Northgate Market and JackBE to the Engage3 family.

When faced with unprecedented inflationary pressures the world’s leading retailers turn to Engage3 to help them track how they are priced relative to competition and set the optimal prices to increase trips, accelerate revenue growth and maximize margins. Engage3 provides retailers with the industry’s most complete and comprehensive real-time competitive intelligence data to ensure their prices are inline with the market. Unlike first-generation optimization solutions built off of decades old elasticity models, the Engage3 Price Image Management suite leverages models built on the Nobel-Prize winning Efficient Frontier Theory to help retailers optimize prices to improve their Price Image. With Engage3 retailers:

  • Increase their competitive visibility by over 3X while reducing competitive data costs by 40%
  • Improve gross margins by 5-8%
  • Increase trips by 1-2pts. and grow revenue by 2-3%

Reach out now to schedule a demo with us to learn why the world’s largest and most discerning retailers continually turn to Engage3 to help them track and optimize their Price Image.