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Retailers Combat Holiday Price Inflation

By November 20, 2022November 22nd, 2022No Comments

For the first time in well over a year, price inflation showed signs of cooling. In October, the average price consumers are paying was up only 23 basis points as price increases slow. Promotion frequency increases limited overall price inflation despite continued everyday price increases. Major retailers are helping shoppers fight Holiday Price Inflation with promotions to bring prices on key items to pre-inflation levels.

Retailers Help Shoppers Fight Holiday Food Inflation

As we near the Thanksgiving holiday both promotion frequency and depth of discount are picking up steam. According to research by NielsenIQ, 28% of items sold in the last week were on promotion, up 6.5% from the beginning of October.

Major retailers like Walmart, Aldi, Meijer and more have all announced promotions designed to help shoppers save on their holiday food purchases.

In the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving these retailers have reduced prices on about 3%-3.5% of the items in the store. Promotions were most common in Produce, Prepared Foods, Pantry and Canned Goods categories.

Comparing US Inflation vs. the World

According to recent research by IRI, US prices are rising faster than other major countries around the world. While US prices are rising 13% year over year, most countries are increasing “only” 9-10%. Italy and Spain are the next two countries behind the US with the fastest price increases.

In the US price increases are rising the fastest in Texas, Utah and across most of the South. Throughout the year southern states as well as West Virginia have been facing the fastest price increases. While out of stocks have declined from early pandemic levels, they are the most common in the South.

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