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Frozen Categories Defying the Inflation Trend

By October 2, 2023No Comments

Inflation Insights | Aug 2023 | Request the Report

In recent analysis, a prevailing pattern of diminishing inflation rates has emerged on the global stage. However, amidst this general descent in inflation, one nation, Germany, stands as an exception.

While countries globally witness a gradual reduction in inflation, we shine a spotlight on the trends within frozen categories, which have helped drive down inflation. With a notable 7% drop in inflation for Frozen Meals and a 6% decrease for Frozen Fruits & Vegetables, this sector stands out as a beacon of economic respite.

Inflation Snapshot

Effective and Everyday prices grew over the last 6 weeks. Effective Prices rose by 37 basis points while Everyday prices rose slightly more by 39 basis points. Most retailers had increases in both.

Department Highlights

Overall CPG inflation continued to gradually fall, now at +5% from +8% in mid-May. The Edible and Perishables categories drove this reduction falling 5% and 3% respectively.

Within the Edible category, the Frozen sub-category experienced the most substantial decline, with inflation dropping by 6% over the past 11 weeks.

The most significant declines in inflation were witnessed in Frozen Fruits & Vegetables (-6%), Frozen Meals (-7%), and Shelf Stable Fruit (-6%).

Channel Shifts

Consumer trips have maintained the same level as the previous year, but noteworthy increases of 4% and 2% YoY have been observed in visits to Mass and Dollar channels, respectively.

Inflation is falling across most of Europe, except for Germany which remained the same from 6 weeks prior. The USA saw a minor drop; however it has the lowest rate of the 7 countries analyzed.

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