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Turning up the Heat – Which Frying Pan brand was positioned best to win during the back to college sales? 

By October 12, 2023October 17th, 2023No Comments
Frying Pans

At Engage3, we’ve analyzed key Digital Shelf metrics in the Frying Pan category on Amazon and Target, as the back to college sales were on, to see which brands were positioned best to capture this increased spending and which were far from ‘pan-tastic’. 

Key Takeaways 

  • Winco Frying Pan were the most promoted brand across Amazon and Target with 56.9% of the range promoted 
  • Lodge were the most positively reviewed brand with an average rating of 4.71 
  • GreenPan had the most comprehensive product content as 88% of its range had 6 images or more and 67% had a product video 

A new crop of high school graduates started a new chapter of their life as they headed to college to grow academically and personally. Leaving the nest is also the moment they discover the joys (and challenges) of cooking for themselves. This is an opportunity for brands and retailers as a raft of potential shoppers look to equip themselves with the right cookware for the journey. 

Top 12 brands account for almost half of all Frying Pans listings 

Nutrichef was the most listed brand across Amazon and Target and made up 6.7% of the over 1750 listings across the retailers. The top 12 most listed brands accounted for almost 50% of the total range, while the other 144 brands listed accounted for 50.9% of the range. Of the top 12 brands pictured, Oster and BergHOFF were the only brands not to be listed on both retailers. 

Assortment of Frying Pans

BergHOFF was the most promoted brand, but was only listed on Target 

Oster and BergHOFF (only listed on Target) had the greatest percentage of range on promotion of the top 12 brands, all BergHOFF’s products were promoted on Target. BergHOFF also had the greatest average depth of discount at 41.1%. Of the brands listed by both retailers, Winco had the greatest percentage of the Frying Pans range on promotion at 56.9%, while Nutrichef had the greatest average discount at 29.3%

BergHOFF was the most promoted brand, but was only listed on Target 

Lodge had the most positive customer sentiment 

Calphalon had the best review content of the top 12 brands. It had the greatest percentage of range with reviews at 98% and the second-greatest average rating at 4.68. Lodge had the greatest average rating of 4.71 but only had 83% of its range with reviews. Oster have the most work to so as they had the lowest percentage of range with reviews, 11%, and the lowest average rating at 3.97

Lodge had the most positive customer sentiment 

GreenPan performed best across image and video content combined 

Anolon had the most comprehensive image content of the top brands with 95.2% of its listings containing at least 6 product images, however, only 6.3% of its range had a product video. OXO led the way with 80% of its range containing a product video, however, it was arguably GreenPan that performed best across both measures. It had the second-highest percentage of range with 6 images or more at 88% and the third-highest range with a product video, 67.0%

Promotions help but content is king 

We found that brands were keenly promoting to entice students into purchasing their Frying Pans, however, those that promoted the most, often had the least comprehensive image and video content. While there may have been eyes on their products, conversion rates were likely not as great as they could have been. 

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