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Talking Turkey: The Latest on Inflation and Thanksgiving Prices

By December 11, 2023No Comments
Talking Turkey
Talking Turkey

CPG Inflation has dipped and settled at +3% but Engage3 has dived into the intricacies of recent price changes. Effective and Everyday prices had risen marginally over the month but not across all retailers. Turkey prices had taken a 12% fall compared to last year, helping those shoppers celebrating Thanksgiving. We’ve delved into detail to see where prices have fallen the most.

Inflation Snapshot

The numbers reveal a noteworthy rise in both Effective and Everyday prices over the past four weeks, growing by 31 and 20 base points, respectively. Across the retail spectrum, the majority of players experienced an increase in Everyday prices, ranging between 20 and 40 base points. However, some players bucked this overall trajectory and witnessed a decline in effective prices during the same period.

Inflation Snapshot

Department Highlights

Total Non-Edible inflation, over the span of seven weeks, has seen a notable 2% decrease while Edible products has witnessed a 1% decline in inflation during the same period.

Department Highlights

Last year, the poultry aisle faced the tumult of peaking Turkey prices, a consequence of avian influenza impacting both stocks and consumers’ wallets. Fast forward to the present, and the story takes a compelling turn – Turkey prices have plunged by a substantial 12% compared to last year. Delving deeper, the average Effective price of Frozen Turkey has fallen by 6.6% in the last 9 weeks.

Analyzing further, Honeysuckle had a 9.2% drop in effective prices for its Fresh Whole Turkeys. However, it was Frozen Turkey where prices fell the most for both Honeysuckle, Private Label and Butterball, with Honeysuckle’s average Effective price falling 13%.

Channel Shifts

Overall consumer trips are down 1% y-o-y, predominantly due to the Club and Drug channels where consumer product trips are down 1% and 7%, respectively. Dollar and Mass channel trips are still up 6% and 4% since last year.​

Across the board, inflation has experienced a modest decline. Notably, the USA boasts the lowest inflation rate at +3%. In contrast, the United Kingdom grapples with a slightly higher rate at +6%, while France faces a more pronounced challenge with a +7% inflation rate.

Global Trends

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