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Antacid – Who knew?


Forget what you know about your Key Value Items (KVIs). They just don’t give you the full picture of where to invest.


Engage3 helps retailers identify items that drive their Price Image. A large North American retailer, for example, made price investments in price image driver items that included antacid. They grew sales 2X, using 1/3 less spend*.

With Engage3’s Price Image Management, you can:

  • Optimize prices to grow trips,

  • Increase customer loyalty, and

  • Maximize profit while enhancing your Price Image.

*compared to traditional investment approach

Drive trips and long-term value


A retailer’s Price Image is critical. It not only drives shopping trips to your store, but also  influences your shopper’s basket size, shopping frequency, and even whether they will comparison shop at your competitors – while delivering the most profitability.

Discover why International Data Corporation (IDC), in their latest Price Optimization MarketScape report, positioned Engage3’s Price Image solution as a leader in the space:

”Engage3 flips the price optimization paradigm on its head — optimizing price image, not prices, to achieve desired outcomes.”

-Engage3 positioned in the Leader Quadrant,
International Data Corporation (IDC) 2019 MarketScape Report


IDC Market Spotlight Report: Price Image Management


Request a copy of IDC’s Market Spotlight Report on Price Image Management, and learn a new paradigm that connects SKU-level pricing decisions to your store’s overall Price Image.

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