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Competitive Intelligence Management

An Integrated Pricing Platform

Part of the Price Image Management Suite, Engage3’s Competitive Intelligence Management (CIM) provides everything retailers need to achieve comprehensive competitive visibility. CIM has the industry’s most complete and accurate competitive price data, state-of-the-art product linking capabilities, and machine-learning-based analyses and visualization tools to support pricing decisions at scale.

Accurate Competitive Data

The most sophisticated analytical tools in the world won’t work if you have bad data. Engage3 provides localized, timely, and accurate competitive in-store and online pricing data that we collect ourselves through our own comp shops, web crawlers,  and our call center operations. We also provide self-serve mobile data collection apps, Engage3 Missions and MissionScanner, for retailers who want to automate their own comp shops.

Engage3’s CIM:Validation and Exploration tool enables retailers to leverage a robust database of historical pricing data and quality control algorithms. CIM lets retailers utilize Machine Learning to increase the actionability of their competitive pricing data.

Product Linking

With the proliferation of private label brands and increased demand for attribute-driven fresh and general merchandise items, linking like-products on their data attributes (vs. brands) has determined the success or failure of competitive intelligence programs.

Engage3’s CIM:Product Linking  leads the industry in its state-of-the-art product linking capabilities by serving as a collaboration platform, a productivity tool, and a system of record.

Insights and Analysis

There is no one-size-fits-all approach. Your competitors are executing localized pricing and assortment strategies, implementing Buy-Online-Pickup-Instore (BOPIS) and delivery services, and investing to capture or retain market share in an increasingly dynamic environment.

Engage3’s visualizations and analytics help you understand your competitors’ KVI lists and zoning strategies, optimize your comp shop programs, and identify opportunities to go on the attack.

Learn more about how to measure and improve the ROI of your competitive intelligence programs.